Beautiful, traditional hand-built doors made from selected plantation oak.

If you want doors to look as if they were made a hundred years ago, you have to use the tools and techniques in use a hundred years ago. 

That means someone has to sharpen a plane, roll their sleeves up,  and remove all modern machining marks from the timber.   A final working with cabinet scraper finishes the job that will stand for another hundred years or more.

Leaving the tool marks from the smoothing plane leaves a provincial carpenter's finish - just fine for country cottage doors.  Polished and waxed, the beauty of the figured oak with its subtle marks from the hand-working will be enhanced by the crisp cut of the sharp steel - a million miles from the blurring effect of a power sander.

Clench nail with forged rose-head nails, hang on authentic forged steel strap hinges, and close with wood or steel sneck-latch, and you have a modern antique indistinguishable from the real thing:

Because it IS the real thing.....

Plank doors, or framed and panelled, the Aston House range has been  bringing style and elegance to countless homes across Britain for more than thirty years.

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the 'Ludlow'
the 'Southam'
the 'Leycester'
the 'Middlemore'
the 'Broadway'  (two- or four-fold)
the 'Kenilworth''
the 'Stretton'
the 'Peasebrooke'
the 'Wayside'
the 'Folly Hall''
The pictures above show just a small selection of the many designs and patterns supplied and installed by our skilled craftsmen over the last three decades.


Aston        House
T h e    h o m e   o f    f i n e    w o o d w o r k i n g
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The oak 'Ludlow' 3-plank ledged interior door
The oak 'Southam' four-plank ledged interior door
The 'Leycester' three-plank door, in oak with creased centre board
'Middlemore' 12-panel door in dark oak.
The 'Broadway' four-fold half-glazed partition door in light oak
The 'Kenilworth' twelve panel interior door in polished oak
The 'Stretton' eight-panel interior door with four-centred arch frame
The 'Folly Hall' six-panel interior door with linen-fold surround
The 'Wayside' five-plank exterior door with mock Tudor posts and overdoor lights
The 'Peasebrooke' twelve-panel oak exterior door with four-centred arch frame
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