Hus Bos
The sixth decade

2003 to 2012
Some of the earliest names are still with us in these two pictures:

Our Founder Michael Hunt and his wife Bertille, visiting from South Africa,
delighted to see his hangar door design still in action 50 years on.

Other members from the early years at Baginton before the move to Hus Bos.
Lou Glover
Vic and Mary Carr
Bill May
Lawrie and Eileen Watts
Lou and Ann Frank
Les Crawford
Ray and Ruth Stevens
Frank Stevens
Pete & Sylvia Devey
Bernard and Irene Avery
Reg Ludgate & Margaret Shropshire
Keith and Diana Nurcombe

Aircraft types owned by the club in its 50 years existence

Collected by KJN at the request of Chairman Mike Hughes
Photographed by Sid Gilmore
         Swallow         Prefect              T21              Ka2b              K8          T8 Tutor             Junior

               SF27             T7 Cadet                 T49 Capstan           Olympia 2b    Skylark 3f            Bocian  

        Puchacz                                     Pirat                         Discus            Skylark 4              Scott Viking 1
                Duo Discus
T31 Tandem Tutor   / Grunau Baby / Ka6E / Ka13 / Astir / ASW 19 / Sport Vega / Pegasus

                                                   Tiger Moth / Chipmunk  / Condor
The Founding of the VGC

Read this piece by Chris Wills in 2003 on the 30th anniversary
Last update Jan 2018

By this time, Phase 2 of the clubhouse the clubhouse you see today - was complete.

Many of the founding members were still with us, either as visitors or as Life-Members from the earliest days.

Sadly, this year was to see the start of a decline triggered in all probability by the dramatic collapse of the commercial money markets and near collapse of some key banks.

Whatever the reason, the club membership entered a period of decline that saw the membership halve by 2015.