Hus Bos

The seventh decade

2013 to 2022
By 2013 the early days are becoming the distant past, and the 60th Anniversary of the founding was held in 2014, a year late.

You will see that the membership had shrunk somewhat, and the dinner was held in the restaurant rather than the big function room. 

An excellent roast dinner was served by Rupert - our in-house caterer - as a final demonstration of his considerable culinary skills shortly before he decided to move on.
Here's the group with our photographer Sid Gilmore sitting on the floor while Adam Gilmore takes the shot
Sid (the photographer again) had bought a box of slides, so it was a nostalic evening, reminding us of the changing world and absent friends.

After that sad decline of the late 2000s, the membership numbers are once again rising steadily.  The club is in rude health, and the future looks promising.  The ownership of the airfield, purchased all those years ago by our very businesslike founders, is perhaps its greatest asset.

The club is holding its second Youth Aviation day with a vast array of aviation possibilities.

There are gliders with and without little engines, aircraft with BIG engines, electric powered aircraft, jet-powered self-launching gliders, hang-gliders, para-gliders, models with and without engines of all sorts.

Phew! No reason to get bored.

Aviation is changing ever faster. What will the next ten years at Husbands Bosworth bring?
Sixty-fifth Anniversary rally, 2018

It was becoming clear that many if not all of those from the early years of the club would not be around to celebrate the seventieth, so our new office dragon Sally decided to organise a sixty-fifth, and make it a real party by locating past members from around the world.  And what a great job she did.  We saw people last here thirty years ago, from Canada and the USA as well as France, Spain, and Germany. Four days in June saw it combined with Ron Davidson's Old Farts lunch and the Dawn to Dusk event on the longest day.