"Every so often in life something comes along out of the blue that totally turns your beliefs upside down and puts your head in a spin.......they are superb..."
Terry the Window Man, Basildon

'The construction industry rarely receives something really innovative, truly new, yet anyone looking at its design says: “Why didn’t someone think of this before?”  The ‘SupaWOOD’ timber window is one of those products:
Terminus, writing in Glass and Glazing Products magazine

"The most innovative British window seen in years"

Don't take our word for it...here's what others say....
Trade & Press
Satisfied Clients
"The new double-glazed rising sashes in my
old box frames have done exactly what I wanted.
The appearance is unchanged, but the difference
in performance is remarkable"
James G, Hackney

"The room is noticeably warmer and quieter...the Victorian character of the house is unchanged. Thank you."
Mr & Mrs Jordan, Erdington
more happy people...

"...the best windows I've ever seen"
A carpenter renovating the Thatched Cottage, Loxley

"Thank God for people like you"
Owner of the Thatched Cottage at Loxley

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My name is Keith Nurcombe, designer, inventor and manufacturer of Supasash double-glazed wood sash windows that EXCEED the Building Regulations and fit into the existing boxes, avoiding the need to tear out the whole shebang at great expense and damaging the old plastered walls in the process.

Not just sash windows - tho' there are simply millions of those across the UK in our historic towns and villages - but a matching range of casements and doors, inward and outward opening - with matching conservatories and roofs.

This link to the SupaWOOD system will paint a picture of the whole thing...

But take care... an Australian MDF sold under the Supawood trade name will do its best to elbow its way to the front ...

For more than thirty years the product range - either whole or in part, was sold by other businesses under their own brand (eg Fairmitre and Wickes) or direct, a houseful at a time (eg Village Community Developments, complete estates on two sites in Cornwall, the old asylum at Bodmin and another private estate at St Columb Minor)

This link will take you to the complete sales site of plant and equipment that for more than thirty years made me a good living alongside my established joinery business... supasash.com/opportunityknocks.html

Before the end of February 2020 all machinery and tooling, along with other useful and valuable items acquired over more than thirty-five years in business will be sold at auction on a private airstrip  alongside the Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth, east of Lutterworth Leicestershire, LE17 6JJ.

Another Supasash upgrade exceeding the Building Regulations without changing the appearance.